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Westover Family Cautions Buyers Looking to Purchase Cars

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Buying a car new or use can be tricky. And one woman's cautionary tale is hopefully going to get people to do their own research before buying the car.

Kim Ensminger is in an ongoing court battle with a local car dealership. She says she was sold a car that had only been driven by the dealer, but found out it had really been totaled by someone else.

She says she had problems with the car. It even completely she found this out from an auto repair shop that she took the car to for minor damages after she was involved in a fender bender.

"I came home and I started running stuff myself. I found out the car came from Alpharetta, Georgia. I ran VIN reports, I found out where the collision had happened, where the car had been repaired," said Ensminger. "I wish I would have knew about scanning the Internet in more detailed depth."

Local State Farm Insurance Agents say that things like what Ensminger described don't happen often. But they do happen. That's why it's important to do your own research before buying a car.

"Like I said, run the VIN numbers, do the Car Fax, especially on a used vehicle. Take it to your mechanic. I think that's the most important thing to do," said Parker Hall, a State Farm Insurance Agent in Morgantown. "If you do those three things and everything checks out, you'll be okay. But if you don't do those three things then buyer beware."

Ensminger says that she will do her own research before buying another car. And she hopes other people will too.

"That you do a detailed search and a detailed investigation. Running VIN numbers, getting a hold of the manufacturers, anything that you can come up with or think of to know that you are getting a safe and reliable vehicle. That there's not going to be any danger for you and your family."

There are a number of things that State Farms suggests car buyers do to protect yourself when buying a car. From tips on buying a new car, buying a used car, and even signs that suggest the car might be flood-damaged.