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Fairmont Residents Address Concerns About Ongoing Burglaries

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Marion County residents have been dealing with a number of burglaries in their neighborhood for several months.

Law enforcement said it has been working to find those responsible. But time continues to pass and residents aren't getting answers.

"It's been going on for six months and it's spreading," said Jack Oliver, Fairmont resident. "I just found out a little while ago its in other areas of Fairmont too. Probably as people pay more attention to the areas where its been happening, they switch to another area."

It happens in quiet neighborhoods and even in the middle of the day. The burglaries around Marion County has residents on edge and police want to remind them they are doing everything they can.

"Whether it be in White Hall, Mannington, wherever, we're going to help them out," said Chief Deputy Ralph Wright, Marion County Sheriffs Department.

Police have received multiple reports of people forcibly entering homes and stealing high-value items small enough to be concealed in duffel bags or backpacks.

"Who knows who's next? It's a bad thing. They go in and they take things that they can take quickly. Small things that they could put in a backpack or something," Oliver said.

Police are continuing to ask people to be vigilant and look out for their neighbors.

"If you're leaving your house, call a neighbor and say 'Hey, I'm going to be gone for a while'. Leave a light on, make sure all your doors are locked, your vehicles are locked up. Just take some extra precautions," Chief Deputy Wright said.

Several residents are trying to take matters into their own hands and took the issue to the County Commission on Wednesday.

"To get them to use their resources and their influence to get these police departments to do their jobs," Oliver said.

But police say they are doing their job. The investigation is ongoing and law enforcement is more present in the communities then ever.

"We try to get our guys focused on the communities and just driving around and being aware of their surroundings. Make sure if there is someone walking around, they ID them. Just extra patrol," Chief Wright said.

But residents aren't convinced.

"The police officers have to be smarter then the criminals or we're not going to catch them. We have to have more brains then they have and more resources. So far we haven't applied the resources and we don't have more brains," Oliver said.

Several communities have started a Neighborhood Watch Program, where they can call law enforcement with descriptions and information.