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Monongalia county Solid Waste Authority Recycling Glass and Live Christmas Trees

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The Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority recycles thousands of tons of recyclable materials every year. In the next few weeks it will be adding two more items to its list.

Research from the University of Utah found recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a one hundred watt light bulb for four hours. Glass never wears out and can be recycled forever. The solid waste authority stopped collecting glass earlier this year. It was making a switch to a new facility and needed to cut back.

Jessica Maples, The Executive Director says it is important to bring back this part of the program but things will be a little bit different this time around.

"People have to bring it here and put it in the large container themselves. Our accepting the way we're doing it this time, is very different than the last time," said Maple. "We're looking at keeping our cost down because the glass is not worth a whole lot. We're looking at two dollars a ton for the glass."

Brown, clear and blue and green glass needs to be separated before being dropped off.

Glass isn't the only new thing being recycled at the Solid Waste Authority this holiday season. Once you take that final decoration off of the tree you can bring it to them and they will recycle it to Cheat and Tygart Lake to be recycled in a unique way.

"The waterline is way down. They'll attach concrete blocks to the bases of the Christmas trees and then they will put them where there is no water," explained Maple. "And then when the water comes back, when they start filling the lake back up for summer for the recreation and fishing, that will create habitat for the fish to get in."

The trees will be collected the week of January 1 through 8 at the solid waste authority's new location in the Morgantown Industrial Park.

"I'm an agriculturist, environmentalist at heart. So any time that we can do something that is a plus for the environment, we're all really behind this one," Maple said. "This is our first year to accept the Christmas tree and I hope that it goes over pretty well."

Any glass and Christmas trees can be dropped off at the Solid Waste Authority in the bins that are provided.