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WV State Police Release New App

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Every county in West Virginia has a detachment of the State Police, but now you won't even have to go there to get all the latest information from your local troopers, thanks to the State Police's brand new app. The new software is available for iPhone and Android phones, and includes access to the state tip line and sex offender registry, and much more.

"There's links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so you can get up-to-date information from the state police and follow the type of incidents that have been reported across the state and media reports as well," said WVSP First Sergeant Michael Baylous.

While it's a great tool to share information with the public, local law enforcement will also benefit from the app. Lewis County Chief Deputy Randy Hyre says it will help spread the word faster when people go missing; something that's essential early on in an investigation.

"The faster and the more people that's got it, the better off you're going to be, because when you have cases involving missing people or seniors, the first few hours is the most important," said Hyre.

The app is still new and Baylous says even though it's been released, it's still a work in progress, and will change to meet the needs of the people who use it, to share information in the most efficient way possible.

"In the twenty years I've been in law enforcement, wow, technology has just exploded, and it's going to continue to evolve. If we're going to be successful, we're going to have to evolve with it, and we're going to have to make changes to the way we conduct business as well," Baylous said.

Baylous added that the State Police will take suggestions about what could be included on the app. He said it's far from a completed work and they'll keep an eye out to see how its used by the public.