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Harrison County Family Struggles Financially to Get Needed Cancer Treatment

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Debate over healthcare coverage and costs continue, even after Obamacare took effect.

Locally, one family is struggling to pay it's medical bills.

Floyd Pierce, 39, was diagnosed with bone metastases in his skull recently

Without a job or insurance, his family is struggling to pay the bills and get him medical care.

When Pierce initially felt sick he went to a local hospital for treatment, but nothing unusual was found at first.

"His face started going numb and I got really worried because he said he couldn't feel the side of my face. They said he just had a swollen nymph node. About a week later it got worse and I took him to Philippi, they did a cat scan and they said he had this tumor," explained Jenny Pierce, Floyd Pierce's wife.

Even after a cat scan found the tumor the family had to get some money together to pay for an MRI.

"We needed $250 before they did it. If we didn't have that he couldn't get an MRI or have the surgery," said Jenny Pierce.

Family and friends helped pay for the MRI, and welfare is taking care of the surgery, but the family is overloaded with medical bills.

The total is more than $10,000. Pierce lost his job after being diagnosed and his wife only works part time.

The family will be holding a ‘Spirit Night' at Chick-fil-A in Clarksburg soon to raise some money and said it would be great to get some help.

"I know there are wonderful people in West Virginia who would do anything for everybody… but when it hits close to home like this it's hard," said Susie McNemar, Pierce's aunt.

"Whoever wants to donate we would really appreciate it because right now it's hard on us going back and forth to the hospital and getting the money because we don't have nothing. And it's really hard on all of us," said Jenny Pierce.

Pierce will be having surgery on Thursday, Jan. 16, and the ‘Spirit Night' at Chick-fil-A will be on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

If you would like anymore information you can call Angela at 304-629-7243.