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Philippi Fire Chief Retires After 24 Years Of Service

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Fighting fires isn't just a hobby for Philippi Fire Chief John Green, it's really more of a calling.

"I've been in since I went in in '74 and I didn't make chief until '89, and I've been chief since '89, and I've seen a lot of things over the years, but it's time to step down this year because of my health issues," said Green.

He started his stint as chief and early on worked one of the most memorable fires in recent memory in Philippi.

"The Covered Bridge was the first fire I had on February 2nd of 1989," Green said.

If you ask Green about other memorable events, he can rattle off a series of them from his decades as chief, but he said that keeping both he and his officers safe.

"Trying to help somebody, your goal was always to come back home when you went. I've tried to help a lot of people over the years and it's always been a success. People's been nice to me, thanked me and everything. I guess it's something you grow up in. It's in your heart, I've done it ever since I was eighteen," Green said.

Green has served as chief for almost twice the length of any PVFD chief before, and while his time as chief is done, he'll stay as active as possible with the department.

"I'm stepping down from the chief position, but I told them I'd still help them a little and run some. I'm going to step in as president, and be president of the Philippi Volunteer Fire Department next year," said Green.

Green will take over as president pf the department on Thursday night.