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Waterfront Place Hotel Offers Special Rate for Those Displaced By Chemical Leak

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After a chemical leaked into the Elk River, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without the use of tap water, residents from those nine affected counties in West Virginia are flocking to other parts of the state, including Morgantown.

Residents said as soon as they heard about the chemical leak, they rushed out to buy water, but as stores ran dry in the southern part of the state, they opted for Plan B: making the Waterfront Place Hotel their temporary home.

For Nitro resident Jay McClanahan, it's the little things that he will, never again, take for granted.

"I haven't had a shower in about two days, so I took a long shower when I came to the Waterfront, and I definitely enjoyed it," said McClanahan.

Cortney Evans, also of Nitro, echoed those sentiments, and for good reason.

"I had filled my sports bottle from the tap. I was worried, 'Am I gonna get sick?' Because nobody knows what this is, how to test for it. One would think that water would put out fire, but these lighters are just staying lit," said Evans.

That's why the couple and dozens of other families from the southern part of the state were thankful after the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown offered a special $59 nightly rate for those affected by the chemical leak.

"We look at it as a community thing. We're not looking to make a profit off of these rooms, we're just trying to help out in this situation. And I'm sure if the roles were reversed, they would do the same for us," said Alaina Gooden of the Waterfront Place Hotel.

Cinda and Jay Hewitt are from South Charleston. They are expecting their first child in less than a month, so Cinda wasn't taking any chances.

"That's why this morning I said we had to find some place to go," said Cinda.

And there was no way they were leaving their other "child" behind: their three-year-old dog.

"We've gotten so attached to him, it freaks us out to board him a little bit, so it just made it that much easier," said Jay.

For Kanawha County prosecuting attorney Mark Plants, Morgantown was the perfect place for an impromptu vacation for his wife and their five children.

"We have a lot of laundry that's undone, that we can't do, a lot of dishes that are undone, so we kind of left all of that back home to come up here for a mini-vacation," said Plants.

With no end in sight, some guests aren't sure when they'll return home or what they'll return to, but McClanahan plans to make due with what he can find in Morgantown, including a makeshift shower.

"You would normally spray plants, insecticides, but we're gonna put water in it and spray ourselves down, at nighttime, get some soap and water. We're just gonna get as much water as we can to go back home and survive for this next week," said McClanahan.