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Fairmont Residents Experiencing Ongoing Problems In Gas Lines

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When temperatures are in the teens and feel even colder, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your furnace is going to be working when you get home.

For some Fairmont residents, that's all they have been worried about for the past couple of months.

"It's already hard enough to heat that house and then when you don't have furnace and you're relying on small electric heaters, you're pretty much stuck in your own bedroom with the doors closed trying to heat up your rooms just so you can make it through that day," said Aaron Vedder, Fairmont resident.

It is happening to multiple people in the area and its stemming from one problem.

"They get dirt in the valve of their furnace and it shuts off. Somebody has to come and replace the valve because its caused by dirt in the gas lines and it is not covered by the warranty," said Matt Brammer, Fairmont resident.

Multiple people were forced to have their valve replaced and each person had to pay a pretty penny.

"I've had it done twice. We have a woman down at the end of the street that has had it done four times. This is a 3 or 400 dollar cost to fix it. So she is looking at about 1200 dollars," Brammer said.

Residents said they have reached out to Dominion Hope about the problem.

"We were given the advice to call Dominion and demand a reimbursement which we were one of the lucky ones to receive," Vedder said.

Others haven't been so lucky and are reaching out to the West Virginia Public Service Commission for help.

Brammer said he has already filed a complaint with the WVPSC and encourages his neighbors to do the same.

Brammer said he has reached out to Dominion Hope and is only asking for one thing:

"Investigate and figure out why there is so much excessive dirt in the lines in these specific areas. Get to the root cause and fix it," Brammer said.

We have reached out to Dominion Hope about this issue and received the following statement from a spokesperson:

"We feel that a thorough investigation into every aspect of the issue has to be explored before we can fully determine an exact cause. Hope operates under the guidelines of the West Virginia Public Service Commission and takes very seriously its obligation to provide safe and reliable service."

We will continue to follow this story as it progresses.