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St. Joseph's Hospital Using Advanced Ultrasound 3D & 4D Technology

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St. Joseph's Hospital in Buckhannon has a new, innovative tool for patient care.

The hospital has some new advanced ultrasound 3D and 4D technology.

"This generally does your run of the mill ultrasound at the best new technology that anyone can offer. We use a different range of frequencies for all of our exams, this definite helps us on our full array of patient sizes," said Nathan Green, ultrasound technician. 

Ultrasounds is a non-invasive medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the internal body. Thousands are done in the United States each year.

The LOGIQ E9 ultrasound system is from GE Healthcare.

With volume ultrasound, technicians are able to capture 3D and 4D images of organs and tissues, allowing doctors to see them from every angle. The ultrasound system is also able to image fetal facial characteristics.

"One thing we get with the 3-D imaging we can do volume scanning. If there's pathology with certain anatomy the doctors will get good volume measurements from everything," Green said.

This ultrasound system uses an innovative new technology called Agile Acoustic Architecture which captures detailed and uniform images of internal organs and tissue. It's an important benefit with the increasing number of obese patients who can be more difficult to scan.

"It's a great advancement for this hospital to have. We can detect more things this way, and we wanted just to take care of the community, and we felt this was the best way to get out there, and take care of the community to keep up with these bigger hospitals that do have these machines," said Miranda Kane, imaging coordinator.

Hospitals using this technology besides St. Joseph's are St. Mary's in Huntington and Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.