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Morgantown Limited on Snow Removal

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Morgantown plows were busy Wednesday, catching up on what couldn't be finished during Monday's storm.

The city was also dealing with a shortage of plows due to transmission issues. Only five of the possible seven plows were working throughout the day. However, one has since been fixed and will join the group for the rest of the week.

Residents in Morgantown can see plows out and about, but many were wondering if they were actually making the roads better. Morgantown resident William Dungey is among those people who don't think the plows are working as well as they need to.

"I see them out on the roads, but it doesn't look like they're doing much honestly. I live on Wiles and it's snowy and icy."

But the Director of Public Works for Morgantown, Terri Hough said the city has one major goal when it comes to snow removal.

"What are main goal is, it's not so much to get people out, but to make sure we can get emergency vehicles, police, fire, ambulances in to areas," said Hough.

The temperatures in Morgantown are extremely low which is creating a new problem for plows. When the temperature is in the single digits, the salt that is used to melt the ice on the roads, doesn't work. It will just lay on top of the snow.

The city is deciding whether or not to use abrasives, such as cinders to create traction for cars. But, Hough said they have limited number of cinders in stock.

"Believe it or not we are out there, doing things...getting to the streets as quickly as we can," said Hough.