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City of Morgantown Struggles to Put Snow Plows on the Road

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The City of Morgantown was having problems with some of its snow plows.

Wednesday night, the city was only able to operate four total plows to clear roads.

One plow was fixed and was able to be used for plowing roads Thursday.

Thursday evening, the city will cut down to two plows working so that operators can have a break.

The city said the main goal is to allow emergency vehicles to have main road access.

The operators will assess the road conditions early Friday morning and determine what method to use to keep roads cleared.

As for the sidewalk conditions, Morgantown residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Code Enforcement said that the Morgantown Police Department will issue citations to those who do not clear the sidewalks within 24 hours of a storm.

If you are elderly or disabled and do not have family members who can help you clear, the Code Enforcement Office might have a solution for you.

If you call the office and leave your name and number, they will provide a service that will come and clear the sidewalk for you.

If the service is not able to clean the sidewalk within the 24 hour limit, there will be leniency given for citations.