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Local Businesses Seeing Negatives From Winter Weather

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Getting snowed in with a glass of tea and a good book can be very relaxing. But what about those who have to drive for work?

Delivery drivers in Morgantown are seeing some dangerous conditions at work. Ellwood Dailey, a driver for DP Dough, said he is lucky compared to some of the other employees.

"It kind of sucks. But since I'm the only one here that has an all wheel drive vehicle it's a little bit better than most people that work here. And tell you the truth, people tip better when the snow comes," he said.

Due to the weather, DP Dough, a calzone restaurant on High Street, said it has seen less customers coming through their door.

"Like on an average morning we probably get about like anywhere between 11-4 we probably get about 50-60 people inside, on a slow day. But when it snows, we probably get about 5-10," Dailey said.

But restaurants like Tailpipes, is not letting their drivers go out with the bad weather. It said it is causing a loss of income.

Tailpipes Manager Jesse Riggs said they will not force their employees to drive if they are not comfortable.

"If the drivers tell us that the roads are getting bad or even if it's not comfortable for them to drive of course we aren't going to make them drive," he said. "We always offer the opportunity so some of our guys want to take the delivery and they feel like they are safe enough or comfortable enough, then yeah we always offer that to them, but we never force them go."

Restaurants want customers to know that they can still call in for delivery, but if they weather is bad, you can expect that only pick up will be available.