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Healthcare Professionals Offer Advice for Preventing Frostbite

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These extremely low temperatures can lead to frostbite if you aren't careful.

Dr. Christopher Goode, the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at United Hospital Center said frostbite can start as redness on your skin followed by numbing.

He said if you notice any of these symptoms to get inside and warm up.

Dr. Goode said to stay inside if you can, but protect yourself if you must be outside.

"The most important thing you can do is wear layers. You want a nice warm layer against your body and then have something on the exterior that blocks the wind. You also want to cover all of your extremities well, the exposed areas including the chin, the face, the nose, as well as the hands and feet," Goode explained.

Goode said if you do feel symptoms of frostbite and need to warm up not to do it near a stove or other device that puts off heat. If the part of your body you're warming is numb, you might not be able to feel the device burning you.

Dr. Goode said if your kids want play outside and take advantage of these snow days to only let them out for a short amount of time, and to monitor them closely.

United Hospital Center has only seen a few mild cases of frostbite so far this year, and were in people who work outside.