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Monongalia County Home Destroyed by Fire, 2 Firefighters Hospitalized

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Brookhaven Firefighters Josh White and Skylar McCormick | Photo courtesy of Facebook Brookhaven Firefighters Josh White and Skylar McCormick | Photo courtesy of Facebook

Multiple Monongalia County area fire departments responded to the scene of a fire on Dug Hill Road Thursday morning.

The house is reported to be a total loss and two Brookhaven VFD firefighters were hospitalized as a result of injuries they received when the house collapsed. The Brookhaven Fire Department said Firefighter Skylar McCormick was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital with minor injuries and was later released. The other firefighter, Josh White, was transported to West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh and received skin graft surgery. He is listed in fair condition. The firefighters received burns to their ears, hands, and lower back. One fireman entered what looked like a second floor bedroom window, which actually led to a stairwell. He fell into the stair and had to be rescued by the other firefighter, said Assistant State Fire Marshal Mackey Ayersman.

The fire was called into MECCA 911 at 9 a.m. When crews arrived at the scene at 9:21 a.m., firefighters found smokes and flames coming from the structure. The fire quickly spread, resulting in a structural collapse, said Wolfe. Two people were inside the home when the fire started. They made it out of the house safely, said Mike Wolfe with Monongalia County Emergency Management. The occupants were using a heat gun to attempt to thaw out copper and PVC water and drain lines when the fire started, said Ayersman.

Dug Hill Road was closed near Wolfe Run Road as a result of the fire. Monongalia County Emergency Management said there was a large amount of coal near the house for heating which will continue to cause smoke in the area for the next few days.

Brookhaven VFD, Cheat Lake VFD, Star City VFD, Cool Springs VFD, Clinton District VFD, Granville VFD, Triune-Halleck, VFD, Monongalia County EMS, Monongalia County Sheriff's Department, Mon County HSEMA, and W.Va. State Fire Marshal responded to the scene.