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Morgantown Homelessness Coordinating Council Discusses Local Count

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Registry week for the homelessness count wrapped up this week around the state.

The Morgantown Homelessness Coordinating Council held a public meeting to discuss the results.

They counted 73 homeless people but said the cold weather affected their numbers.

This count helps place people in housing as part of the 100,000 Homes Project.

"We didn't just count people; we surveyed them to find out their needs. And as a result of that we were able to rank people, if you will, on the basis of how vulnerable they are. So, that will allow us to concentrate on those that are the most vulnerable and see that as housing is available they are the first ones to receive it," said John Sonnenday, of the Council on Homelessness.

The 100,000 Homes Project has found homes for more than 80,000 homeless people.