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New Year, New You: Get in Control of Your Health with Silver Sneakers

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The Harrison County YMCA offers many programs and services to fit all needs.

The Silver Sneakers Program can help older adults take better control of their health.

"Silver Sneakers is a program usually for those who are Medicare eligible, but is really great for everybody and anybody. Once we get past the age of 25 we start losing our mobility and losing our balance and we lose it slowly so we usually don't notice that," explained Janelle St. Martin, the instructor of Silver Sneakers.

St. Martin said that's exactly what Silver Sneakers can help to improve. She said it helps to make everyday tasks a little easier.

"It works on coordination, balance and agility. There's a woman who comes to class and she said she used to have to go up the stairs one at a time and had to hang on, now she grabs the laundry basket and goes up and down the steps and doesn't even think about it. It can help you carry your groceries in, turn a door knob," St. Martin said.

Silver Sneakers isn't all about the physical aspect of the class but also a social activity for the participants.

"It's nice for one thing just to be out and be with the people that are here. They are fantastic and we all get along really well," said Suzanne Skaggs, of Bridgeport.

Laura Wilson is a participant of the class and said she enjoys different aspects.

"I look forward to coming every week and being with these people and making myself feel better when I leave," Wilson said.

St. Martin said that her Silver Sneakers classes almost feel like a family.

"We do promote the family feel, the togetherness. They support each other, if someone hasn't come to class we want to know ‘where are you at?' we'll send cards and it's just a very loving and caring class environment," St. Martin explained.

Silver Sneakers is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Lowndes Hill Branch from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

For more information on the classes offered click here.