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Truckers Trying To Keep Safe On Snowy Roads

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For most of us driving a car, pickup truck or even a minivan on snowy and slushy roads in a challenge in the first place, but add a trailer and a lot more wheels, and driving through this weather takes another level of caution.

This is not a surprise to truck drivers in the area. They said that just like driving your average "four wheeler" car, slowing down is one of the easiest things they can do to avoid an accident.

"You have to back it down a little bit. You've got to take your time, use extra caution that you normally wouldn't on nicer days," said Travis Dixon, who was on the road running some local trucking routes on Monday.

Staff at the Jane Lew Truck Stop in Lewis County said most drivers who come through the door are well-trained and know what they're doing. But not every driver has experience in conditions like these.

"Usually they're pretty safe. Now this kind of weather, it's ice. Experience is one thing, but if you have a driver that a lot of time is in the south, coming up here for the first time or something, driving up here in ice and snow, for some of these people, it might be the first time they've done it," said general manager Ray Smith.

Dixon only had one more local trip to make on Monday afternoon before he was done for the day, and even though the roads were beginning to clear, he wasn't going to let that make him less alert.

"It takes extra caution for us, and we have to keep in mind that we drive for five. We drive for the person behind us, on the side, the left side, right side, and they guy in front of us and ourselves, because we're supposed to be a professional driver on the road," Dixon said.

While some truckers were staying fairly local on their trips Monday, others went far greater distances, but they said that to keep everyone safe, safety has to be on the mind of not just the truckers, but also all the other drivers on the road.