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Test It Tuesday: Ruggies

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This week's Test it Tuesday product may help if your rugs are slipping around at home.

Katie Dugan teamed up with Meteorologist Kristian Claus to test out Ruggies, a product that is supposed to hold down your rugs and stop them from slipping.

"I do have a lot of rugs in the apartment and I need something that is going to hold them down," Claus said.

The Ruggies had a hard time grabbing onto fabric.

"Honestly, it doesn't seem to be sticking to it that well. I mean, once we stamp it in there it should be okay but it doesn't seem like it's staying that well," said Claus.

The Ruggies were put to the test to see if they keep rugs in place, but they just stuck to the floor, not the rug.

The Ruggies washed off well, but didn't work any better on sticking to a thicker rug.

Here is Kristian Claus' final review of the Ruggies:

"It's pretty much a fail. It didn't stick to the carpet. It washed off pretty well. But it doesn't really matter if it can wash off if it doesn't stick to the carpet and you couldn't keep the carpet in place," said Claus.

If you have a product you would like to see featured on Test It Tuesday, email Katie Dugan at kdugan@wboy.com and let her know!