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City of Morgantown and Main Street Morgantown Begin Re-Branding Process

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The city of Morgantown is currently going through a re-branding phase. Community members can expect to see everything from a change in how organizations talk to each other to a brand new logo.

The city hired an urban planning firm to help revamp the look and feel of Morgantown.

Main Street Morgantown is also getting help from the consultant.

"Typically when you do something like this, because you want to make sure that you're getting a message out," said George Papandreas, the President of the Board at Main Street Morgantown. "When you live in a community you think you get a message out, but you never know how you're viewed from the outside until you bring somebody in from the outside and they say you need to accentuate these things."

Meetings were held Wednesday for each group to help make suggestions. Business owners explained the pros and cons of big businesses coming to downtown area.

"We're starting to pay attention to how we can develop different parts of the city, create economic vitality in different areas," said Jeff Mikorski, Morgantown City Manager. "We're looking at all the different business districts and use tools like this to both incorporate into what the city does and enhance it."

Each group in the community, from non-profit organizations to West Virginia University, was provided the opportunity to give input for re-branding.

"It is giving these different entities the right tools to be able to effectively recruit new business, recruit new residents, reinforce pride in current residents," said the consultant, Ben Muldrow, a partner with Arnett Muldrow & Associates. "And really create a greater sense of connection to this place so that we can cultivate even more momentum and positive economic growth."

Muldrow says that the community's input is essential to make the re-branding happen. And the City wanted to hear from the public. Morgantown hosted a public meeting Wednesday at 6 PM in City Council chambers.