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Hiker Crosses U.S. On Foot

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Josh Seehorn has already conquered the Appalachian Trail from one end to the other. Now's he's shooting for an even bigger goal: literally walking from coast to coast.

It's a journey that started in Point Reyes, California, and will end on the Atlantic Coast in Delaware. Josh Seehorn has been following the American Discovery Trail, one of the first official transcontinental trails. It's about 4,800 miles long and takes people across the U.S. through the country and cities and towns.

"It goes through really remote areas as well, it uses hiking trails, bike trails, old rail trail, dirt roads, paved roads, basically everything except interstate," Seehorn said.

Seehorn has many reasons for making the hike. It's a personal challenge, but as a trained biologist, he's also hoping to share his love of nature with adults and kids alike through different outreaches.

"One of the main ones is Envirothon. It's a high school natural resource education program. Students compete in wildlife, forestry, soils, aquatics, and then a current subject. They take a paper test together as a team, and then there's hands-on things, where they're identifying pelts or skulls or trees or soil," said Seehorn.

Seehorn has already traveled more than 4,300 miles, with less than 500 to go. He said it's been a great journey thanks to support from his web site and from strangers.

"A guy comes and knocks on the door of the car and then asks us what we were up to, and then ends up connecting us to a guy who let us stay in his house, and they gave us some food and stoked the fire for us, and we made two new friends. So it was a cool situation," Seehorn said.

You can find more information on Seehorn and his trip, including ways to support his journey on his web site, as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages.