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Rebranding Morgantown: The City Listens to Public Opinions

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The city of Morgantown held a public Wednesday, February 12 to speak with consultants that were hired to rebrand the image of Morgantown.

The public was asked to attend and voice their opinions on how the city should be portrayed to outsiders.

The meeting focused on what the most desirable parts about Morgantown are, and whether or not it would be beneficial for the city to be know specifically for the university, or have it's own image.

Mayor of Morgantown Jenny Selin said she is interested to see what the consultants will come up with after listening to public opinion.

"It's definitely going to be interesting to see how our consultants come us with a message, and then a strategy behind the message, of how we see ourselves. I'm hoping we leave a little room for growth.

The consultants will be back in March to discuss what ideas they have come up with for the project.

Residents are encouraged to continue to voice their opinions on how they think Morgantown should be represented.