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Simpson Elementary Pre-Schoolers Get Taste of Olympics

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 The Olympics are an event built for finely-tuned athletes, physical specimens, and now the pre-schoolers at Simpson Elementary. On Wednesday, the students learned all about the games, and they even got in on the action themselves.

"I just kind of threw it out there. I said, 'Hey, the Olympics are coming up, why don't we do that?" said Cindy Pulice, a teacher at the school. "We're always trying to stress multi-cultural kinds of events and keep the kids physically active, and we just thought it would be a fun thing."
The activities included hockey using ice cubes and popsicle sticks, a javelin toss with straws, and making gold medals out of cardboard.
"You know, when you're a pre-school teacher, you learn to use everything around you and anything you can find," said Mary Kay Greer, also a pre-school teacher at the school. "Someone else's trash is our hockey goal. The winter events are very interesting at Sochi, but we tried to adapt them for pre-school."
The students also drew pictures of what sport they would play if they were in the games.
The day involved all three pre-school classes, meaning 60 students were working all at the same time. But Greer says it's a challenge the teachers enjoy.

"It gives them a chance to intermingle together and to just have fun. And they're still learning. We're measuring, we're using angles to try to get in that goal. So, they're learning, we're just busy."