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Weather Prevents Division of Highways from Addressing Pothole Issues

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A lot of people have been complaining about the potholes in the area but with weather similar to Thursday the Division of Highways said it can make it difficult to get out and fix those problems.

"Right now it's kind of tough to get out because we are plowing. That's our job one is snow removal and ice control," said Jeff Pifer, the Maintenance Engineer with the DOH.

Pifer said the winter weather has prevented crews from fixing potholes and it has also made the holes much worse than usual.

"We have a higher volume of potholes forming this year due to the nature of winter. We've had a warm up and a refreeze and it brings any weakness in the road forward," said Pifer.

One local Clarksburg resident thought the potholes were so bad he decided to show everyone how dangerous they can really be.

"Everybody's complaining saying they need to get their cars realigned, tires are being busted, and rims are being scratched up because of the big potholes," said Aaron Baker, a Clarksburg resident.

Baker took matters into his own hands and put a Go Pro on the hood of his car and drove on Chestnut Street in Clarksburg.

"A lot of the traffic slowed way down of course to swerve and miss the potholes. There was also traffic where they had to cross into the other lane and that traffic had to stop and wait for that car to keep going," Baker said.

Baker said he wanted to do this to show how costly large potholes can be.

"I wanted to show everybody how bad it can be especially for someone who works at Harrison County Schools I have to travel that road on a daily basis and it just takes a beating on my car and can cost people money in the long run," Baker explained.

Baker posted the whole video of his drive on You can find the video by clicking here.

Pifer said the weather conditions are looking better for next week and his crews will be out doing patch work on some of the worst potholes.

If you need to report some bad road conditions including potholes in your area call the DOH at 304-842-1500.