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Test it Tuesday: The Egg Wave

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For this week's Test it Tuesday, Katie Dugan tried out a product that is supposed to cook the perfect egg, it's called the egg wave.

It is supposed to make a variety of styles of eggs in just seconds in your microwave.

Katie Dugan tried to make a soft yolk egg, and had a hard time figuring out the right to cook in the specific microwave she was using.

She found that the table with cooking times listed are just very broad ideas of the amount of time your microwave may need.

The Egg Wave commercial also says it can make scrambled eggs in just seconds.

But our test didn't show that it worked so well.

Both the scrambled eggs and omelet cooked well through most of the egg, but left the bottom uncooked and runny.

The best way to combat the issue of runny, uncooked eggs is to try different times in your microwave.

But, that brings another problem up, the top of the Egg Wave exploded many times, leaving a mess.

The results for the Egg Wave that we tested were about 50/50.

It cooked an egg white very well but other things that we made like the omelet and scrambled eggs it cooked well for most of it, but it was still runny at the bottom.

Also, it did explode in the microwave and its a little bit of a tough clean up.

If you have a product that you'd like to see get tested out, let Katie know on her facebook page by clicking HERE, or by email at kdugan@wboy.com