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College Spotlight: Glenville State Athletic Facilities Nearing Completion

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It all began as a sketch on a piece of paper, and now it is finally coming to fruition. Glenville State College may be known as a small liberal arts school in the mountains of West Virginia. But it will soon be known as the epicenter of the newest and most state-of-the-art facilities in the country.

"When we do our campus tours and we get to peak into the Waco Center and we get to come up here in the new office building, you definitely see some heads turn. We're excited. We're so fortunate for having Ike and Sue Morris involved in our program. They're so helpful. The support of Doctor Barr pushing athletics," Glenville State Head Football Coach David Hutchison said.

Athletics can serve as a catalyst for increased enrollment, which then leads to an expanded budget. Financial assistance from boosters and donors also adds to the master plan. It's a plan that has reshaped what it means to be a Pioneer.

Glenville State College is in the process of an extreme makeover of sorts. More than 30 million dollars has been spent for both the Waco Center, and the brand new football offices. Everything is now state-of-the-art in Pioneer Nation, and if you ask Glenville State Head Football Coach David Hutchison, it's money well-spent in order to propel the athletic department into the future.

"I do come out to the football field every day and I'm not surprised when some dirt has been moved and you see a new truck or a new piece of machinery moving something. But they have a big picture here of wanting to have the best and they're working towards it. It's awesome," Hutchison said.

Glenville's new facilities will be fully operational by the Spring, which has Coach Hutch thinking one thing.

"We're excited. We feel we have some of the best facilities in Division-II and across the whole state," Hutchison added.