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Va business hopes to solve WV water woes

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Photo courtesy of Chris Harry. Chris Harry with the reverse osmosis system. Photo courtesy of Chris Harry. Chris Harry with the reverse osmosis system.

Chris Harry of Natural H2O, a Midlothian, Va. company, believes he has a solution for people in West Virginia who want clean water for drinking and cooking in their kitchens, including pure water for refrigerator ice makers and water dispensers.

It's a reverse osmosis system that fits under the kitchen sink that Harry says performs much like systems the military uses.

"It's a very miniature version of a system used on a Navy ship that turns sea water into drinkable water," he explained, adding that its filter uses about six gallons of tap water to make five gallons of reverse osmosis water.

Harry heard about the water ban and continual problems for West Virginians following the Jan. 9 Freedom Industries chemical spill that spoiled the water in the Elk River for West Virginia American Water customers served in nine counties.

"I've researched MCHM a lot, and the only thing that I can find that will get it out (of water) is a good reverse osmosis system," Harry said. "I'll run it by the counties and get them and a third party to test it, but I can promise that I wouldn't come to West Virginia if I wasn't as close to 100 percent sure that I could be, that I could get it out of the water.

"My daddy grew up in West Virginia and I have family there," he added. "All signs point to, that this system will take (MCHM) out of the water. I mostly deal with high levels of nitrate, phosphates, bacterial iron, bacterial iron and sulfur and hard water. I treat whatever the problem is. That's what I'd like to do in West Virginia, with one simple piece of equipment."

"It runs through five different stages of filtration," Harry said. "If you have boron, radon, anthrax, phosphate, nitrates — basically anything that you can throw at it — it's going to take it out. 

"It's an affordable fix it at the kitchen sink."

The Natural H2O kitchen system runs from $400-$500, including installation and taxes.

Harry can be contacted at 804-253-7727.