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School Bus Drivers Prepare for Weather with Extensive Training

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Harrison County -

Tuesday's bus accident in Harrison County left a school bus over a hill and into a creek, but all students and the driver were safe.

This is something that doesn't happen too often but bus drivers in Harrison County are trained for situations just like it.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations for Harrison County Schools Anthony Fratto said drivers take 52 hours of training, in all weather situations and even at night.

The drivers also get numerous background checks and have to have a CDL license.

Fratto said the driver in Tuesday's accident did exactly what he was taught.

"They are trained in training to make sure that everyone is safe. There is a protocol to go through and our driver yesterday followed that protocol. He did radio in and then he immediately led the evacuation of the students from the bus, they came out the back of the bus and he led them up the hill," explained Fratto.

Fratto said after the driver got all the students to a safe area he went back to the bus and got the childrens' coats.

The bus is likely totaled, but Fratto said the safety of the students is all that matters.