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New Year, New You: Zumba Combines Fun and Exercise

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Zumba is a workout sweeping the nation with more than 14 million people participating in 185 countries. The Harrison County YMCA offers Zumba a couple of times a week so you can join the party.

"I just love Zumba! It's just so exhilarating," said Kathleen Krizner, a Zumba participant.

Nancy Friend instructs a number of different classes at the Y and has been teaching Zumba for the last two years. She said Zumba is one of her favorites.

"The class goes by really fast and it's a lot more fun because I love the music especially Latin inspired music and learning different rhythms," explained Friend.

Friend said Zumba is fun for both her and the students and it's also a great workout.

"We definitely get a cardio workout, but we do some toning in it as well with lunges and squats. I think it's just a fun way to exercise and keeps people interested and coming back," Friend said.

"When I retired my health went haywire with my blood pressure and cholesterol and so I started coming up here, and now everything is normal. It does work," said Nalene Bice.

Both Krizner and Bice have both been going to Zumba for more than a year, and said learning something new is one of the best parts.

"We learn new dance steps, we're learning a tango now and it's driving all of us crazy but its fun," said Krizner.

Bice said Friend's class is always different and unique.

"We do the hula and an Irish dance. We do all kinds of things," Bice explained.

Friend's class is held on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 11 a.m. at the Lodgeville branch.

Zumba is also offered at different times throughout the week, click here for the full schedule.