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Day 3: Michael Palmer Murder Trial

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Testimony in the Michael Palmer murder trial continued on Wednesday at the Harrison County Courthouse.

Palmer and his wife Kristyn are accused of shooting and killing her father, Ed Wilson, in 2011.

Marion County Deputy Tony Veltri was the first witness called to the bench on Tuesday.

Deputy Veltri was the first to arrive on the scene in 2011 after the shooting.

On Tuesday, he told the jury what he saw when he arrived on scene from where Ed Wilson was lying dead to where Palmer was standing when they arrived.

On Wednesday morning, Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson picked up his questioning right where he left off Tuesday.

He asked Deputy Veltri a number of questions about the night Ed Wilson was shot and killed.

He presented several crucial pieces of evidence to Deputy Veltri and the jury. It included the piece of counter top one bullet went through, the murder weapon, and the brass knuckles that were found in Ed Wilson's hand.

Deputy Veltri identified the murder weapon as an AK47 assault rifle which was found in a room next to the kitchen when he arrived on scene. Police discovered one shell casing near the gun.

"I thought there was an unusual amount of oil on it," Veltri told the court. "It looked like it was just cleaned."

Deputy Veltri positively identified each piece of evidence the state presented as well as each picture he was shown from the crime scene.

He also testified there were wood chips scattered around the house that he later determined was from the counter top.

During cross-examination, Defense Attorney Sean Murphy brought up Deputy Veltri's initial report. Deputy Veltri originally said the wood chips that were scattered around the kitchen were believed to be from the door, according to Murphy.

Murphy asked Veltri why he didn't take the door and the wood chips into evidence or take fingerprints of the door knob.

"Isn't it vitally important to collect all of the evidence?" Murphy asked Deputy Veltri. "Nothing was done to preserve those pieces of evidence."

He told the jury that one party is saying Ed Wilson gained entry by turning the knob and the other is saying he kicked it in. Gathering the evidence would have been critical in determining forced entry or not.

"No door, no pieces of wood?" Murphy asked Deputy Veltri.

"Yes, that is correct," he responded.

"You took a pack of cigarettes. But not the wood chips or the door," Murphy said.


On a separate note, Judge Michael Aloi told council that Kristyn Palmer's attorney would object to her testifying during Michael Palmer's trial.

Due to her outstanding murder charge, the court will not compel her to do so.

If she volunteers, she is permitted.

Testimony will continue with a brand new witness Thursday morning.

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