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Corridor H Update Presented at Quarterly Meeting of Elkins-Randolph Chamber of Commerce

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Area business leaders in Randolph County got to hear the latest breakdown on how the future completion of Corridor H stands on Wednesday.

Last November, a 4.7 mile section of modern highway between Bismarck and the Scherr WV-93 connector completed the Bismarck to Wardensville section of road, totaling nearly 49 total miles of the Corridor H stretch.

Portions of the highway between Davis and Moorefield are currently underway with one more section yet to start.

"There's a lot of information out there, but they don't necessary know it all in one place. So we do presentations like this at county commission meetings, chambers of commerce in order to keep the public informed," said Curtis Wilkerson, of Orion Strategies.

So that was the purpose of Wednesday's Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce quarterly meeting. Wilkerson said great networking on an important economic impact like this keeps the information out there.

"For every one person we talk to there going to talk to 10 of their friends, and that creates an overwhelming level of support for Corridor H." Wilkerson said.

In the last six months there's been two major things that involve Corridor H's future. An economic impact study said West Virginia stands to gain $1.25 billion, plus $800 million in additional construction economic impact by speeding completion up by 2020 instead of 2034 .

"West Virginia's section of Corridor H, which 90 percent of the road, is 75 complete or under construction and the next section will take it to 87 percent," Wilkerson said.

Economic development authority officials said the possibilities are endless once Corridor H is finally completed.

"It's beautiful road, and there's lot of great terrain that's available for development all along Weston to Wardensville then into Virginia, there's just great possibilities," said Robbie Morris, executive director of Randolph County Development Authority.

Wilkerson said one thing he wants people to take from the presentations is that good things are happening with Corridor H.

"It's positive news, for years its been always "its never going to be done", but the truth is it's being built. It's being completed. We have plan to have it completed, and it's going to bring good things not only to this section of West Virginia, but the entire state as a whole," Wilkerson said.

Virginia is wanting to complete its 10 percent portion of highway by 2026.