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Mapping and Addressing Data Request By Buckhannon Fire Dept Still Unresolved

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Issues between the City of Buckhannon and the Upshur County Commission over addressing and mapping data still remain unresolved.

The city's fire department is requesting the data to help in response planning.

Before that can happen, the county needs a certificate of insurance, which both sides agreed to in a memorandum of understanding last year.

County officials said they received information that the city's insurance carrier would not authorize the addition of the county as a rider to the city insurance, which county officials said they can't understand.

"We had the agreement, we were under the assumption that the certificate would be forthcoming. The agreement was signed in December of 2013, and the other commissioners and myself are under the opinion that would be forthcoming, but to this date we have not received it," said J.C. Raffety, Upshur County Commission president.

Raffety said the county requires such certificates of insurance from athletic teams that play on county property or residents wishing to the use courthouse plaza for events.

Buckhannon City Administrator Michael Doss said there's nothing against Buckhannon City Council or the county commission. Doss said its unfortunate the insurance in the form of lawyers is tieing this up.

The two sides may get together in a special meeting to discuss the matter next month.