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Harrison County Officials Help Deliver Meals on Wheels

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This month is known nationally as ‘March for Meals' which aims to raise awareness for the Meals on Wheels program. As part of that several community leaders came out to deliver a hot meal to those in need on Monday.

Bi-County Nutrition has been running the Meals on Wheels program for the last 40 years in Harrison and Doddridge Counties. Five hundred meals are delivered daily, and on Monday the drivers had help from some familiar faces.

"This is to show them what my drivers go through and my volunteers, but it's to also let them see what kind of people we deliver to and the need they have," said Wanda Carrico, Executive Director of Bi-County Nutrition.

Several community leaders including Mike Romano, Frank "Chunki" Angotti, Ron Watson, and Joe Shaffer loaded up the cars with meals and got on the road.

Watson's route included Nutter Fort and Clarksburg and he had nearly 50 deliveries.

He said Harrison County Commission supports Bi-County Nutrition, and it was important for him to come out and see what it does.

"Once you go in you really have an appreciation such as this. Commission has been supportive over the years of the Meals on Wheels and we try to help anytime there is a call," Watson said.

Angotti said he previously served on the Bi-County Nutrition Board, and he knows how important the program is in the community.

"People don't realize it's very, very important, to be able to serve meals to people out in the community. A lot of times it's the only hot meal they get all day, and more so it's the only contact they have with someone to say, 'good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, how you doing," explained Angotti.

Carrico said this also gives the officials a chance to learn more about people in the community.

"It gives them the opportunity to listen to see, 'I need this, or can you help us with this?' I think it's a great opportunity for them, because they help our community anyway but this is more hands on for them," Carrico said.

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