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St Joseph's Hospital Awarded Status As Critical Access Hospital

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St Joseph's Hospital has been awarded status as a 'critical access' hospital.

The office of Healthy Facility Licensure and Certification granted the hospital the status.

St Joseph's met requirements deemed as "critically important" to residents, including its distance from other hospitals and therapy services. 15 miles by secondary roads and 35 miles by primary roads, or as in St. Joseph's Hospital's case, 15 miles in a mountainous terrain.

With critical access status, hospitals receive a higher rate of reimbursement for Medicare patients receiving outpatient, inpatient, laboratory and therapy services.

Currently, there are 1,330 CAH's nationwide and 19 in West Virginia, with St. Joseph's being the 20th such hospital in the state. 

This designation will provide St. Joseph's Hospital increased reimbursement as well as benefit the hospital with additional funds for capital expenditures and expansion.

"While Critical Access Hospitals focus on providing primary and outpatient care, the hospital will continue to evaluate the community's need for services consistent with our mission and focusing on our strategic initiatives," said Sue Johnson-Phillippe, President and CEO.