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Test it Tuesday: The Potato Express

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For this week's Test it Tuesday Product Katie Dugan tried out the Potato Express.

The Potato Express is supposed to be the fastest, easiest way to get perfect backed potatoes in just four minutes.

The first thing Katie noticed about the potato express is that it gives you a booklet with recipes.  Some of them in the oven, some in the microwave. But, it doesn't tell you how long you cook anything besides potatoes and corn on the cob.

The commercial says to put four potatoes into the Potato Express and put it into the microwave. "In just four minutes you'll have perfect, steam baked potatoes, with tender skin and delicious, fluffy insides."

Katie only cooked three potatoes, so the four minutes should have been enough. But after trying to cut them, she found they didn't cook much at all.

She put the potatoes back in for an extra minute, and the fork went in easier, but it was still mostly raw.

Katie put the potatoes back in the microwave for five more minutes, so that makes a total of 10 minutes the potatoes cooked.

When they potatoes came out, they were definitely steaming, but they still weren't cooked all the way.

Katie said if they were potatoes back at her home that she was making for dinner, she would want them cooked a little longer.

The one side was cooked really well, but the other side was still raw.

The Potato Express commercial also said it could cook corn on the cob in four minutes, and that worked really well.

Here is Katie's review:

"The review for the potato express is not looking so good. It didn't do a good job cooking the potatoes, which is in it's name. It did cook the corn on the cob well, so I was impressed there. But it couldn't cook potatoes!"