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After Years of Work Immaculate Conception Parish Center to Open Soon

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The Immaculate Conception Parish Center officially opened Friday in Clarksburg.

Parish members, city officials, and board members came together to cut the ribbon.

The center will be used for church functions.

This project has been in the works for many years, and was funded by private donations.

Father Casey Mahone said this is an exciting day for him.

"It felt great to cut the ribbon today and really open the doors to everybody and say 'we're here, we're ready to start cooking pasta.'  They're really preparing for that because next weekend will be our first holy communion after this coming weekend which is our grand opening.  We're ready to hit the road running with our new parish center," said Mahone.

The parish will hold an official grand opening this Sunday.


The Immaculate Conception Parish Center has been a dream of parish members since before 2008. Now more than five years later it's ready to open.

"The desire for the parish center was there before I arrived in 2008. When I first came I did a survey of the parish to find out what were the needs and the things the people really wanted. A parish hall was one of the things that surfaced at the top," explained Father Casey Mahone.

That's when the planning process began for members of Immaculate Conception Parish in Clarksburg.

Father Casey said it was obvious that a parish center was what the church needed.

"There was no place for a parish of 3000 people to really gather in any numbers and in a group larger than really 25 or so, and we needed to expand to do that," said Father Casey.

The building committee worked hard to get the plans in place. That committee is made up of: Michelle Pochick, Kathy Allen, Jon Elder, Randy Amos, William Ford, Mark Bonamico, Ian McAra, and Ionia Stemple.

Before construction could start, the building committee surveyed the whole parish to find out what they wanted.

"It was really important for us to understand the needs of our parish relative to the future parish center. We did a needs analysis which gave us an opportunity to get a lot of input from people of the parish and 88% of the parishioners were very much in favor of building the parish center," said Jon Elder, head of the finance committee for Immaculate Conception.

After all that work, the parish center is ready to open.

It has a large meeting area that can hold nearly 300 people and other amenities the church needs.

"We have a fully functional kitchen, we have our office spaces, and all of the offices have been moved here. It's kind of a complete package where you can really come and experience Immaculate Conception Church in its fullest," explained Mark Bonamico, who acted as the liaison between the church and the contractors.

Father Casey said the center will possibly be open for community use, it just depends upon other events going on at the same time and the availability of parking.

There will be a ribbon cutting for the center held on April 25th.