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Doddridge County High School Students Learn with Innovation Days

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In 2013 Doddridge County High School received a $50,000 grant to start innovation zones.

All year the students have gotten to work on projects in subjects that interest them, and the teachers are just there for guidance.

"In order for everyone to buy into it they need to have their input, so the students were surveyed to see what they would like to do," said Cheryl Higgins, a retired teacher who volunteers for the program.

For two hours every other Wednesday groups meet and work on projects that range from cake decorating, to art, and even Pinterest crafts.

One of the most popular seems to be meat processing.

"Last semester we worked strictly with venison and we cut the deer up, made meatballs, sausage and deer steaks. This semester we're working with pork so we made sausage, bacon, and pork chops," said Lynne Kelley, a teacher at Doddridge County High School.

Most of the innovation groups stay at Doddridge County High School, but a lot of them also go out into the community, like to West Union where students are learning to repel off of a bridge.

The fire department group was also certified in CPR and learned how to use the Jaws of Life.

The volunteers and teachers involved said these innovation zones can help the students figure out what they want to do with their future.

"It gives them experience to maybe decide what they want to do or not want to do after they get out of high school. If they want to do something in the culinary field this is a great way for them to find that out," said Kelley.

Higgins said she thinks the program works well because the students are doing something they're actually interested in.

"I personally think it's the fact that the students actually get to do what they want to do. They're building, they're creating different things, and they're working with different people more than just the teachers," said Higgins.

The students will showcase their projects on May 6th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the high school. The community is welcome to attend.