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FDA Announces New Proposed Electronic Cigarette Regulations

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Since their creation more than a decade ago, electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity nationwide. And for the first-time in their history, the FDA has decided to regulate the nearly $2 billion industry.

"We've been waiting for the FDA to release something about these e-cigarettes some kind of regulations, and they are a lot better than what I was expecting," said Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes employee Timothy Mayers.

The FDA recommendation released Thursday proposes that health warnings be required on products and that companies be forbidden to give our free samples. Some users are concerned about the intentions of the proposal.

"The tobacco lobby money is looking to pinch them a threat to their market share and not just regulations looking to make them safe," said e-cig user Randy Smith.

If they FDA regulations are finalized, the expected age limit to sell the products is 18. Many distributors like Volcano do not foresee this as being an issue as they currently do not sell to minors. "I do know some places don't have it you have to be 18 to buy. That might effect them negatively but not us because we already do that," said Mayers.

The rise in e-cig use in teenagers is a legitimate concern. A Centers for Disease Control study found the number of high school students who reported using a device doubled from 2011 to 2012. "I think a neat little gadget like an electronic cigarettes are always shiny and neat looking," said Thoracic Surgeon Adam Hansen. "Those are all things that are going to be appealing to a younger crowd."Beginning Thursday, the public will have 75 days to comment on the new restrictions and rules. Hansen believes the most needed change is more research. "If there was some regulation that actually told us what was in them, that would be the kind of regulation I'd like to see," said Hansen.