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Doddridge County Humane Society Makes Improvements for the Benefit of the Animals

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The Doddridge County Humane Society has been at its new home on Wiseman Run Road since October, but now it's looking to expand and make improvements.

Now under new management the shelter is looking to enhance the shelter for the benefit of the animals.

"We're going to build outside kennels, and runs so they'll have doggy doors to get from inside to outside and then we're going to build a big dog run, fenced in, so they can run and play together,” said Melissa Travis, humane society president.

Travis said these new additions will help the dogs become more adoptable.

"They're so much calmer. They get their exercise; they get to socialize more when they're out there. They're just more relaxed and it’s more appealing, they're not going crazy. People can come and be out and play ball with them and stuff instead of here in the cages,” Travis explained.

The humane society got ready for the new outdoor area on Saturday when the Centerpoint Flower's 4H group helped clean up the hillside.

To get the new kennels and dog runs the shelter needs some funding, and it will be hosting events to hopefully get enough money.

"We have a 5K run coming up June 21st at Doddridge County Park and we'll have a golf tournament on July 12th at Lake Floyd Golf Course,” said Travis.

But it isn't just the dogs seeing improvements, the cat rooms have been updated as well.

"We decided to take our cats out of the cages and we made them living rooms. The cats are loose and they're happy and they play together and they're very socialized and you can come in and play with them. They're much more relaxed so they're more adoptable. When they're stuck in a cage and going crazy they aren't as appealing as when they're out here relaxing and then you get to know what their personality is like,” explained Travis.

Travis said the Doddridge County Commission has been helpful on making the upgrades possible.

For more information about the animals up for adoption, click here.