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Athlete of the Week: Notre Dame Utility Player Chris Petrucci

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Chris Petrucci will not 'wow' you over with his size or his speed -- but what he will do is play nearly every position on the diamond.

"I've played both middle infield positions, pitcher and possibly outfield at the next level," Petrucci said.

You name it -- he does it for the Fighting Irish. Not only does he play multiple positions, but he also has the IQ of a coach on the field. Which is something that he says may be his best quality.

"Being able to know which position is doing what, in what situation -- especially being a leader at shortstop," he added. "Being able to kind of tell everyone what's going to happen in this situation. So it just kind of makes you well-rounded, I guess."

We call them student-athletes for a reason. Nobody exemplifies that term more than Chris Petrucci. The Notre Dame High School senior carries a 4.6 GPA and plays three sports on top of it. He's a clear-cut representation of what it means to be a 12Sports Athlete of the Week.

"I've decided on Marietta College. It's just the perfect fit -- not too far away from home. They've had a traditionally great baseball program. I want to go somewhere and be able to win," he said.

Winning is in the DNA of Notre Dame Baseball. The Irish have held Class A's number one ranking for a majority of the season. But it's just that -- a ranking. For the Irish, being number one during the season, pales in comparison to their ranking at the end.

"The number one ranking, essentially to us, and we talk about this a good bit -- means absolutely nothing. There's only one time when that number one ranking means anything and that's when you win a Championship. So that's the goal that we've got. It's nice to be recognized as the number one team in the state, but to us it's just a number," Notre Dame Baseball Head Coach Patrick Marozzi said.

"It's good that we're finally getting respect, but we still haven't done anything yet. I don't know. Number one is alright, but we want to be number one at the end of the season," Petrucci replied.

Respect is only earned through excellence. For Chris Petrucci, that consists on both the field and inside the classroom.