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College Spotlight: Luke Harrigan Leads ABU Baseball to Consistency

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"He's a great coach. He brings that energy. He gets us fired up. He knows how to keep us calm. He just knows the type of ball that we can play. He knows how to be competitive. He knows how to win. It's just nice to be coached by someone who cares about the game so much," Alderson Broaddus junior catcher Danny Essian said.

"He connects with us pretty well. He brings a lot of energy to the game and the team, and he knows how to win some games. So that's a good combination," Battlers senior infielder David Bryan said.

If it involves baseball, then Luke Harrigan has probably done it. He played at the college level, then served as a recruiting coordinator. He even traveled overseas -- Germany to be specific. All of that has landed him in Philippi, where he is now the head baseball coach at Alderson Broaddus.

"When I got here, it was mostly about getting the guys to understand the culture that I'm from, that I believe in ," Alderson Broaddus Head Baseball Coach Luke Harrigan said. "Without great leadership, it doesn't matter how much you talk. We've been fortunate that we've had those kids that have bought into the leadership and are able to lead the team. Then it's about bringing in the kids who are young, that can learn the correct ways in doing things. We've had some good young talent in here as well." 

Some may measure success by the number of wins or maybe the amount of playoff appearances. But that's not the case with Luke Harrigan. The Alderson Broaddus Head Baseball Coach has been extremely successful in Philippi. After three straight winning seasons, he still said graduation is the only way to measure success.

"Our kids are graduating. Right there is a huge success. I want them here for four years. I don't want to have a program where I have guys for five or six years. Four years and getting your degree, then it's time to move on to wherever direction that is. So that's a big part of success," Harrigan said.

As the three seed in the upcoming G-MAC Tournament, the Battlers aren't planning on simply making noise -- they would rather win a championship.

"It's not really about going out there and trying our best anymore. This is college baseball and we want to win some games," Bryan added.

"I think it would be great to win a G-MAC Championship. Since I've been here for three years, we haven't won one yet," Essian replied.

"I like our chances. I feel like with some of the things that have happened -- every college baseball team has injuries, which we've had -- to be where we are right now is definitely good in my mind," Harrigan said.