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Atomic Grill Helping People Talk About Violence Against Women

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The 'Atomic Grill' in Morgantown has had a fairly busy week.

Since our story aired about the "show some skin" event, it's gone global and helped people talk about violence against women.

"I got a phone call from Alaska yesterday, from L.A., emails from South Korea, Japan, Ireland, all over the U.K., maybe every state in the union," said Dan McCawley, Atomic Grill owner.

Then there are the reporters calling from NPR, the Washington Post, and ABC News to name a few. The story has been picked up by websites across the world, and they're all talking about sexual violence and how women are objectified.

"Those kinds of conversations are more important to us than really any other kind of money," said Sam Wilmoth.

So many people have asked how to donate, though the group had to create its own Pay-Pal account.

The foundation also set up information about its services at the grill two days early.

"It's a tiny group of people perpetrating this kind of violence, which means there's this huge silent majority who are peaceful and good and that means that when somebody like Dan speaks up, and does just a little bit more, it makes a big difference."

The "Show Your Skins" special begins Saturday, but some prep work is already underway mostly stockpiling potatoes.

McCawley said they'll start with 600 pounds, but expects they'll need more.

"Our produce company, Paragon foods, have graciously donated a case of potatoes to the cause. They heard about it and thought it was great so they brought even more potatoes," McCawley said.

The special starts Saturday and runs through Monday.

The Atomic Grill is open from 11 to 9 every day.