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GNCC Racing Continues in Preston County After ATV Crash Injures 5 People

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Day Two of the GNCC Mountaineer Run went on as planned at the Marvin's Mountaintop racetrack on Sunday, after five people were injured in an ATV crash.

On Sunday, members of the GNCC community were out in full force, in support of their riders and their sport. Dirt bike riders took to the track, but the day before, the finish line was in sight for the top two ATV riders; then the unthinkable happened.

"I just remember grabbing a couple of people and pulling them backwards, and three or four of us fell to the ground, and it was scary," said spectator Don Forester.

"The very last lap, the very last turn, it was a battle...." said Carrie Russell, the emergency executive in charge for GNCC Racing.

"I think Chris Borich ran up onto Walker [Fowler]'s rear tire, trying to pass him, and he shot into the crowd, and there was two young boys and a couple of adults that were laying on the ground, so we just got out of the way," said Forester.

Russell said accidents like Saturday's are not typical, but in off-road racing, everyone must be paying attention at all times.

"Hearing three lifeflights, that just takes you aback...we always air on the side of caution," said Russell. "We all know motor sports are inherently dangerous, but the people that come here and have fun with their families, and get out and walk around, they just need to come and experience it. We do everything we can to keep as safe as an atmosphere as possible."

Forester is an avid race fan who said not even a mishap like Saturday's would keep him away.

"Definitely not, and I don't think it will deter the people that actually got hurt because we were talking to the father of one of the two boys, and his boy had planned on racing, and he said they'll be back too," said Forester.

Russell said one of those injured is part of the GNCC family.

"It was one of our cameramen who had sustained the most serious injuries, so we're going to go visit him at the hospital," said Russell.

At this time, officials have not released the names of any of the victims.