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Vehicle Accident Re-Construction Process Takes Week to Complete

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Nearly two weeks ago the busy intersection located by McDonald’s on Route 50 was the location of a fatal motorcycle accident. Since then the Bridgeport Police Department has been working to reconstruct that accident, but that process can be a long one.

"Generally they're not like regular accident reports that are done and ready the next day. They normally take weeks to sometimes months. I've heard of guys going almost up to a year before they had major crashes complete,” explained Lt. Mike Lemley, an accident re-constructionist with the Bridgeport Police Department.

Lemley said the process is time consuming because they don't want to miss any details, and it starts right after the accident happens.

"We basically take a walk over the scene looking at the evidence which is anything from tire markings, skid marks, scuff marks, gauges in the roadway, and scratches. We try to mark everything we can to get an idea of what we want to document for the investigation,” Lemley said.

After the initial details are collected, the department uses a device called a "total station" which not many re-constructionists have.

"We are able to not only shoot points as far as the roadway is concerned and where evidence on the roadway may be but we're also able to shoot elevation, determine grade, it really helps us in bettering our investigation,” Lemley explained.

In addition to technology like the "total station," re-constructionists also use everyday tools like chalk, measuring tape, and spray paint.

Lt. Lemley said the most important aspects are determining what happened in an accident and how it happened.

As for the motorcycle accident from May 30, it's still under investigation and the re-construction is still being done.