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Grant Town Holds Reunion To Remember The Past

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It was a special day in Grant Town on Saturday, as members of the community gathered for a reunion in a way to remember the past.

Everyone from the town was invited and even those who grew up in the area, but now live elsewhere came back to share old memories.

Residents from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio all returned to Grant Town to celebrate the place where they grew up.

Organizers said that it was nice to show the younger generation what the town used to be like.

"I think we want to, I especially wanted to get together with a lot of the old friends I went to school with, some of the older people that have passed away. Actually some of the younger people that have moved into the area that don't realize what we had several years ago," said reunion coordinator, Sue Dennison.

There was live music, horseback rides, and a coloring contest for the kids to enjoy.

A car show featuring 15 old fashioned cars was on display and the police and fire departments let the community see the equipment and trucks that they use on a daily basis.

Approximately 150 people were expected to attend.

The goal of the day was to reunite old friends and see the way the town has changed over the years.