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West Virginia has relatively high energy costs but low electricity prices, WalletHub study says

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As temperatures rise, so do energy costs and consumption. To help consumers prepare for the wallet-draining summer ahead, WalletHub released a study comparing the most and least energy-expensive states.

To conduct the study, WalletHub used six key metrics to examine the various factors — from the price and consumption of residential electricity to the price of fuel at the pump and number of miles driven — that effect energy costs to rank the states and Washington, D.C. according to their tendencies to produce the highest or lowest monthly energy bills.

Overall, West Virginia didn't fare very well, ranking 45th total overall energy costs.

However, costs aren't necessarily an indicator of price to consumers, as consumption rates are a key determinant in the total amount of an energy bill, WalletHub noted in the study. In places with scorching summer weather but cheaper electricity, for example, households might end up with higher out-of-pocket costs than those energy-expensive places, such as northern California, where a temperate climate keeps heating and cooling units idle most of the year.

And the inconsistencies show in the Mountain State.

West Virginia was ranked 21st by WalletHub for monthly electricity costs, but landed in 38th for electricity consumption per consumer — meaning West Virginia residents consume a relatively high amount of electricity. As a result, the state wound up in sixth place for the price of electricity.

On the other hand, West Virginia ranked 46th for fuel consumption per driver and 48th for monthly fuel costs, but still ranked 39th for the price of fuel.

To find out more on the methodology or findings of the study, visit the website here.