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Terra Alta Residents Express Concerns On Trailer Park Permit Revocation

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Members of the Terra Alta community filled town hall Monday to discuss the fate of more than seven families who reside in a local trailer park.

Town Council decided in a previous meeting not renew the permit to the J.& J. Trailer Park, citing numerous complaints by the health department. Residents said that they have taken care of many of the health issues in the park regarding trash and pests.

“Through hearsay we heard my trailer park was being closed down, and when me and some of the other tenants approached the mayor about it, she told us that the landlord had known, my land landlord is very honest and she had never received anything and the mayor kept telling us that it was going to be condemned. We found out that it wasn’t being condemned through the health department which she had told us,” said Bonnie Kent, resident of J&J Trailer Park.

“I’ll do anything I can to help people, but I also come from the trailer to where I am believing that we’ve got to help each other, and help ourselves, and so with that being said we have to listen to everybody else that’s not happy with this situation that has put up with it since it has went on, and off, on and off, on, and off, since 2006. So they say is this gong to keep happening, we have to say is this going to keep happening because we’re trying to do an even kilt playing field, I think we’re hung up that your living in a trailer, nobody is hung up on that, we aren’t at least. It isn’t about a trailer, a trailer park means there are several trailers, several homes is all. Its about the houses too,” said Mayor T. Dixion, Terra Alta.

Since Thursday, Kent said she's gotten approximately 200 residents to sign a petition to save the park. The landlord of the park have a meeting with council and legal staff regarding the park July 31 at 6 p.m. Residents said unless the permit is renewed residents will have vacate the property on August 1.