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55 Good Things: Tomaro's Bakery Keeps Tradition Alive 100 Years after Opening

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Tomaro's Bakery opened in Glen Elk in 1914. Now 100 years later the business is still going strong, and customers keep coming back for the recipes that haven't changed.

Tomaro's Co-owner John Brunett said his great-grandfather Carmen Antonio Tomaro started the business, and wanted to bring tradition to his new home in Harrison County.

"Every recipe is still the same, we don't sacrifice quality. We've never changed anything from what my great-grandfather started, we wanted to keep tradition alive,” explained Brunett.

Now 100 years later the bakery still sits in the same location, but it has grown.

Brunett said Tomaro's has a loyal customer base, and he thinks it's the quality of the product that sets it apart from the rest.

"It's a good variety of everything: pepperoni rolls, bread, buns, pizza crust. I think everything we make is the best. I feel it's because we don't sacrifice quality. We would rather apologize for the price of quality than offer something inferior,” Brunett explained.

The oldest Italian bakery in West Virginia recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and honored one of its most popular items by baking six seven-foot-long pepperoni rolls.

"I know my grandfather started pepperoni rolls well before I was born. It started because a lot of the miners would come and get a fresh loaf of bread, and then stop at one of the local markets and grab a stick of pepperoni and take it in their pales. He and my grandmother started baking the pepperoni right in the bread,” said Brunett.

Brunett said Tomaro's products became so popular, and the demand was so high that they started Anna's of Glen Elk, which will ship the products all over the United States.

Brunett said products have been shipped as far as Washington State and California.

"We had a gentleman that goes on a big hunting expedition order from Anna's and spend nearly $200 in pepperoni rolls, and $100 in freight to get them there overnight, fresh, for all his friends to enjoy while hunting,” explained Brunett.

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