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Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority Meets in Doddridge County

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The Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority met on Thursday at the North Central Regional Jail for one of its weekly meetings.

During the meeting, Executive Director of the Regional Jail Authority Joe DeLong outlined the agency's finances and spoke about where the jails were losing money and how that's being addressed.

“There's a lot of areas where we've learned to do things better financially. Most of that is through accountability. The jail system has some audit deficiencies that had existed on the books from an outside auditor. For the last two years we've had perfectly clean audits. We're driving down cost in a lot of areas and driving down expenditures in a lot of areas,” explained DeLong.

Some of the areas that DeLong outlined included employee turnover, high training costs, and excessive overtime costs.

After the presentation by DeLong, a round table discussion was held to discuss ways to better control costs and improve services.

In attendance were local Sheriffs, police officers, commissioners, and city employees.