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Moms Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month

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Dozens of moms and kids headed out to Morgantown, Wednesday evening to show their support while spreading awareness of breastfeeding.

In a show of solidarity babies of all ages latched on while moms had chance to bond with each other as well.  Families walked along High Street to the Courthouse Square, where everyone enjoyed refreshments, gift drawings, and each other's company.  

"These are the sorts of activities we need to generate awareness about breastfeeding.  When we increase knowledge about breastfeeding it will lead to a supportive culture," said Dr. Joni Gray, mother of seven.

Gray said she's always felt comfortable nursing in public, "No problem with it at all. I think I'm allowed to eat pretty much anywhere, they should be allowed to eat everywhere, which they are."

This event kicks off World Breastfeeding Week where mothers in over 175 countries worldwide are supporting and celebrating breast feeding families.

Angie Rebrook, WIC Program said, "our mission is to set the standard with breast feeding and also so moms can see it has a normal thing. They need support because they have lots of questions. Mom's aren't getting a lot of help from grandmas and aunts and their own moms who help give them really great solid information about breast feeding so they need the support." Rebrook.

These moms said support is exactly what they need. "It's the key we got to generate cultural support for moms to be able to breastfeed," said Gray.