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Research Shows that A Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Obesity & Other Health Problems

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Not Sleeping Enough Can Contribute to Many Health Risks and Concerns, Including Obesity in Both Children and Adults

Roslyn Heights, NY – Not getting enough sleep has long been linked to a range of health concerns, but now more than ever those links are being proven as legitimate and severe. New research even indicates that a lack of sleep can lead to obesity, along with an impairment of function akin to a moderate blood alcohol level.

Sleep specialist Dr. Elliott Lee of Ottawa’s Royal Mental Health Centre said that individuals who sleep less than six hours per night see an impairment in overall function similar to those who have a BAC of .05. This impairment, which often goes unrecognized and is therefore even more dangerous, can lead to everything from cardiovascular disease to car accidents, poor performance at work and general fatigue.

Additionally, a lack of sleep can even lead to obesity, according to Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput, an obesity specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. A recent study from Dr. Chaput indicates that a lack of sleep is actually the number 1 factor that contributed to weight gain.

One factor here is a potential change in hormones when an individual does not get enough sleep and fails to properly complete natural sleep cycles. Additionally, those who get less sleep tend to both eat more, and exercise less.

Which is the cause and which is the effect may be debatable, but the ongoing cycle is clear. This produces weight gain and eventually could lead to obesity in individuals of all ages, sexes and backgrounds.

A commitment to sleeping more and maintaining a routine can provide great health benefits. For many individuals struggling with obesity though, the only viable solution to making real, lasting progress is often bariatric surgery. When utilized in conjunction with all-around lifestyle changes, including maintaining a proper sleep schedule, bariatric surgery can be an extremely successful solution.

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